What is the journey from steam engine to Internet of things?

The increase in Automation optimization is becoming more important and the involvement of people is also increasing at a breath-taking speed.

But with Industry 5.0, the situation in the world is going to change in a growing manner with unique, customized, and personalized products. The focus in such an era is not on robot-controlled mass production but more on human creativity.

It has been proposed that a new smart factory model will be introduced by 2035. Man, and the machine can have a close familial relationship with robots performing heavy mechanical work with human colleagues acting as their creative architects to invent new custom products or monitor the factory production of tomorrow.

In such an environment how the partnership between man and machine can be productively established still a question needs to be explored. It’s really a tough scenario to judge how the future will be with a newer innovative concept but do we really want to gravitate towards an era that is ruled by technology in question?

Do we really want products to be made only faster, or we want to explore creativity in human skills? If we look back, we can see the world of technology has been given to us as a gift or boon to human society but do we really want to become humans chained with technology?


Source:- Elektronik Praxis

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