What is Intelligent charging?

Intelligent charging has been defined as the optimization process for charging in terms of time, cost, battery capacity, and sustainable energy resources which play an important role. The parameters are used to ensure a maximum battery charge level at a defined departure time. In energy price, the fluctuation is a major factor which has been take into account.

An example of an intelligent charging is shown in the below figure. The user interface acts as an example for the Head-up Display of a car where the expected solar energy provides enough power to charge a vehicle concerning the departure time. However, the technology used in TIC does not require an RFID card or smartphone authentication but carries out secure communication and payment processes.

Still, a pertaining question is associated with such factors that what happens with costs, whether an energy peak affects the charging process. The dynamic renegotiation is supported by the technology for a charging plan when environmental or user conditions are changed unexpectedly.

Moreover, the ISO 15118 protocol creates a platform for a specific third-party service, value-added services where OEMs or Tier1 suppliers can be defined in the future by themselves. Internet access is one of the possibilities via the charging station, vehicle software, or certificates being updated or streaming media whereas the driver waits for a battery to be fully charged.

Source:- https://www.all-electronics.de/

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