Technical specification of VW Passat GTE Variant

It is 1.4l TSI (Time slot interchange) with E-motor 115 KW (156 PS), 6-Gang DSG (Direct Shift-gearbox).

Fuel consumption, l/100 km: combined 1.6; power consumption, kWh/100: 14,7; CO₂ emissions, g/km: 36; efficiency class: A+1.

Environmental view “Area View” with included Rear-view camera “Rear view”. “Easy Open” packet including safe security. Driver Assistance Package. IQ Light- LED matrix headlights. Business premium includes navigation. Anodized silver roof rails. Rear side windows and rear window darkened. Ambient lighting.

The advantages of plug-in hybrid technology is combined in the new Passat GTE with generous space and remarkable comfort. The purpose for business, family and sport it has been considered as powerful, economical and with plenty of space. But at the same time, electric range is comfortable where it stands for future-oriented and mobility is responsible with a real eye-catcher view.

The touch of a button simply made GTE -Mode driving more fun. Irrespective of being purely electric, or a combination of electric motor and combustion engine, both drives power are combined where high pulling power is ensured. In “Boost” mode, the electric motor works in conjunction with the TSI petrol direct injection system which is a typical engine sound that can be heard when the GTE mode is activated or by driver cheering.

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