Electric vehicles from KIA

KIA e-Soul (64KWh) Spirit

The car is described as 204 PS 64- KWh LED Head-Up. It is a fully electric drive car with 150 KW as its powerful performance. Electricity consumption is 15.7KWh/100 Km. CO2 efficiency is A+. Engine design is Permanent magnet- Synchronmachine (PSM). Maximum Power at rpm is 3800U/min and Torque is 395 Nm.

The electric drive presented here is the stronger one, there is a weaker classification of electric drive and that comes with 100 kW motor and 39.2 kWh battery. It is provided with a range of 350 to 400 Km in a mixed operation and in high urban traffic, 450 Km or more can be covered in the distance between two charging breaks. However, if a quick charging station is available then within one or two hours, an empty battery can be recharged.

As the car comes with a Single-phase charger built-in, wall box charging almost takes 10 hours long to charge or at your home, 230 V sockets will require a weekend to fully charge the e-Soul. SIM card is permanently installed which makes the new connection and remote services also possible allowing direct connection to and control of the car via a mobile phone app. A standard navigation system with networking allows real-time traffic information to be available now which is also helpful.


The model is described as 204 PSM Spirit 64 KWH LED Navi Kamera. It’s a fully electric drive car with 150 KW as its performance. The current consumption is 15.9 KWh/100 Km.

The battery required for the stronger version is 64 kWh whereas the weaker version is 39.2 kWh. CO2 combined is 0 g/km. The car is integrated with DRIVE WISE technologies. The driving assistance system consists of Autonomous Emergency Brake assist (AEB), Front Collision Warning System (FCW), Lane change Assistant with Blind Spot Warning (BSD), Lane Keeping Assistant with lane departure warning (LDWS), Lane Keeping Assistant with Corrective Steering Intervention (LKAS), Adaptive Cruise Control (ASCC), Autonomous Driving Assist (HDA) and Traffic Jam Assist (TJA).

Parking aids with an Intelligent parking system, an Omnidirectional camera, and a Cross-traffic warning is included. Light assistants are included with High beam assistant and Dynamic Bend Light.

KIA OPTIMA plug-in hybrid (Sports car)

Super is used as fuel consumption. The power performance is 113 KW. Fuel consumption is 1.4 l/100 Km. CO2 combined is 34 g/km. Power consumption combined is 12.3 kWh/100 Km. CO2 efficiency is A+.

The charge level includes level 1 with 120 V chargers which are ideal for overnight and level 2 with 240 V chargers, offering a full charge in less than three hours. The engine is 2.0- liter Gasoline Direct Injection engine with a high-density lithium polymer battery packaged cleverly on the trunk floor. Regenerative Braking helps to slow you down that uses the kinetic energy of deceleration to charge electric motor’s battery.

It is with Aerodynamic lines with an innovative active air-flap that opens and closes automatically with vehicle speed, the temperature of the engine, incoming airflow, efficiency optimizing where work is possible.

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