What is vertical application in energy monitoring and Big Data?

According to Elektronik Praxis, in decentralized property, energy monitoring, and operators are implemented to all the optimized requirements and energetic operational management. As cities like Aachen, up to 2000 properties are managed for building management. In the Aachen city, the energy monitoring system is developed in cooperation with the building management.

A decentralized device was developed by an embedded microcontroller that collects the measurement data where locally initial buffers are available and it is synchronized with its cloud at free configurable times. The transport route is used by OPC UA as an IT standard with integrated security.

As an OPC UA client, the data has been pushed by the controller as “Historic Access” data that is directly transferred in the cloud into the “big data management solution”. Further analysis or data evaluation takes place where operators and property users can access an internet-based visualization.

The characteristics and benchmarking between properties that are equivalent are compared can be carried out in order to carry out energy consumption control. The evaluated data care expected to have access to a positive influence on user behavior.

The customer potential is addressable for this solution to be transferable in many industries like data collection, buffering and forwarding are some common tasks.


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