What are the advantages of flywheel mass technology?

This principle has revolutionized the Bavarian start-up Gerotor. The Gerotor is the HPS (high-performance storage) system for an industrial application. As a mechanical component, the energy storage unit is low-wear and low-maintenance. During its 20-year service life in the Gerotor HPS (High-Performance Storage), it can be charged and discharged almost indefinitely, regardless of the discharge depth, because an inertia mass storage unit is not subjected to any chemical aging process.

It achieves an efficiency of up to 95 % by default. In the Gerotor, resting losses caused by friction on the bearings and flywheel masses are reduced by a vacuum chamber in which the flywheel mass runs.

Also, flywheel mass accumulators are largely insensitive to ambient conditions. The Gerotor can be operated at a temperature of about -25 to 60 °C. As a future-oriented technology, it can optimize itself for maximum energy efficiency due to the smart algorithms.

As a self-learning memory, it measures the current behavior of the underlying application with high precision for efficient self-operation. This behavioral data about machines and systems can only offer approval by all parties involved. It can be collected, pre-processed, and made available via OPC UA for third party energy monitoring systems within the framework of IIoT.

Source:- https://www.ke-next.de/


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