What is Waymo working on?

The autonomous car division by Google is called as Waymo. The main intention of the autonomous vehicle is helping people who are older or having disabilities issues. The functionality has been commenced in a smartphone app so that people with disabilities can easily use it and access it.

The considerations for different disabilities issues have also been addressed with an opportunity to design it in different ways.
For a blind person, an audible signal is used in the vehicle to notify them for their pickup, as can be seen in Germany by using such a method, the traffic lights are designed in a helpful way keeping the obligation faced by blind pedestrians while crossing the road, as they cannot see the change of the colour to green.

Waymo also designed the current level 4 vehicle’s key control buttons in Braille.
Passengers with hearing-impaired problems are also provided with a display route screens where information related to car’s route, traffic signals, cross walks and other cars, pedestrians and cyclists are included. The Waymo cars are well-equipped with a Pull Over and Help button for a two-way voice communication with control centre operator.

In my opinion, the main goal being addressed by Waymo is to present an autonomous vehicle with a solution for disabled people being kept in their mind. The solution provides a great way to understand their concept of how they are incorporating this idea and provide a unique solution by bridging the gap for a variety of disabled people. The technology is helping to deliver a benefit with a purpose of a valued designed in their mind.

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