What is the market value of Autonomous vehicles?

Even though the market of Autonomous vehicle looks overwhelming in most of the countries but still the demand is rising with its pace. The market analysis shows the projection in 2025 or 2035. The study shows that investment in such a market is worth it or not and also what we can experience in the future.

Source:- BCG; Statista (study_id28221_driverless-cars-statista-dossier)
Source:- Bain & Company; Statista (study_id28221_driverless-cars-statista-dossier)
Source:- PwC; Strategy &; Statista (study_id28221_driverless-cars-statista-dossier)

In my opinion, the demand for partial autonomous vehicle over full autonomous vehicle shows a certain fear or hiccups among the consumer to move forward and truly trust the full autonomous vehicle. A picture still shows the uncertainty about the acceptance whereas the demand for autonomous driving features and the vehicle operating in US by 2030 shows a peak in demand. So, does that mean, a majority of the consumers would like to operate a partial autonomous vehicle with more advance driving features by 2030?

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