How the USA is investing in the renewable energy sector?

As one of the strongest countries, in technology forefront as well as in different initiatives. How far US has been successful in renewable energy investment. In the below chart, the figure from last 10 years shows the annual growth rate and also forecasted investment value till 2025.

The investment is shown in double-digit but even though the fluctuation is clearly observed. But if the investment continued in the same manner then the growth rate projected till 2025 is: –

The investment in renewable energy from an energy storage company in the U.S. shows quite up and down in the investment scenario wherein 2014, a major investment was done in the amount of 682 million U.S. dollars whereas in 2019, 279.39 million U.S. dollars. If the investment is carried on in this scale, there is a possibility of having lower investment down the year or it may change due to more initiative shown by more venture capital investment companies.

Source:- Bloomberg New Energy Finance, BCSE

In my opinion, it is more than enough to go through such investments and get a rough view that how renewable energies have attracted a strong attention from the U.S as compare to the rest of the world. The investment by energy storage company also shows the interest to deep dive into such effort and try to gain some positive results. The investment clearly shows a long-term venture for long term benefits.

Source:- Statista (Clean technology investments globally)

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