What is the opinion about autonomous car?

The two surveys shows the opinion about the German drivers to buy an autonomous vehicle and in the next survey the result of selection relevancy for autonomous vehicles has been shown. The relevancy of reduction in environmental pollution and biological footprint is considered to be the most important with 71% whereas most of the German drivers have been recorded saying that they don’t know about the Autonomous vehicle. No doubt the vehicle is mainly for the advanced or luxurious segment of people who are interested to experience something which is out of the league in today’s time.

Source:- Aral
Source:- Capgemini

In my opinion, the criteria related to AI and a car being self-propelled is something very attractive to the market interested in advance technology and would like to experience such high tech cars but there is a mass who is also not aware much about the innovation or the progressive development and approach happening in vehicles, or they are not affected by the development. Turning such mass into a valuable market can be challenging but also can be rewarding too.

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