Why some consumers are against Smart loudspeakers?

Even though smart loudspeakers are used by many consumers but a group of consumers doesn’t approve the concept or the idea and is not so keen to use smart loudspeakers for the reasons shown below.

Source:- EARSandEYES GmbH

How far are the reasons going to affect the intelligent loudspeakers in terms of the long term is still unknown and will it affect the sales or is it true that people would like to move away from such latest technologies? Are the sales affected with the reason cited as not interested in their data to be collected and will they be provided with some sort of guarantee that the data is safe. Some protection or measures against such fear?

The reasons seem very genuine and if the products are aimed towards the consumers then why not take it seriously? Solutions or effective measures needed for such problems.

Another reason stated about the lack of knowledge or information, that is also something needed to be sorted out with acknowledgment and guidance if they want the sales volume to go high and maintain the sales funnel.

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