How Big data connects to Industry 4.0?

The discussion relates the data usage and how to get the maximum output of it. In large companies, a major target or goal is working with Big data in Industry 4.0. The scope of Big data cannot be underestimated in any industry even though working with data is attracting a lot of negative attention when it comes to personal usage but how about big production lines. The product or the process running along the supply chain has the potentiality to get the advantage out of it.

Mostly, on the production side, a massive amount of data are generated via both physical and virtual, containing information for each production components in a raw form but also on a solid basis for developed products to be optimized. When the information is synthesized properly, it may help in making the decision process more smooth, effective and the support of self-optimizing production systems can also be increased. Often, the collected data may provide the hidden clue to the failure of any previous decisions, which may help in comparing the decision before and after.

The potentiality and the opportunities in Big data are still very unknown. The confusion of how to process such a massive amount of data is often a major theme or challenge among the companies. As the year passes by, new data replace the old one, creating storage for old data to become an old archive, however, if new analysis ideas can be thought of, it may lead to better usage of such massive data.

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