Why purchase electric vehicle in the Philippines?

Have you wondered or thought about who influences the decision to purchase some new items be it vehicles, smartphones to digital gadgets? Why purchase a diesel car over a petrol vehicle? Why purchase a certain brand? Do we enjoy life with luxurious segments? Is it the influencer or our role model? Is that because it is the latest trend and your value is increased by purchasing certain new gadgets? Is it influence your friends or girl & boyfriend? Is it because you think you can influence or get the attention of other people?
Or are you really into the eco-friendly model? Do we purchase the vehicle over convenience or for fashion? What influences the masses of people to change and throw a complete set of traditions or conventional vehicle into a vacuum of a dustbin and opt for a new one?

As per a survey conducted by Rakuten Insight, in 2019 where more than 2000 respondents participated,

However, the solutions in form of electric vehicle are reliable in the long term or not, how can we know about? Is it true that it is not going to produce any sort of negative consequences or it is not creating any kind of alternate negative impact on the environment? The measurement of such innovative ideas, are they worth it? To make a complete change into a new mode of transportation, like the horse rides used as a vintage or a tourism mode for a kingly style, is it possible that in 20 to 30 years, vehicles on gasoline will become a vintage treasure or a treasure locked in the museum?

Source:- Statista 2020 (Leading reasons for consumers to purchase electric cars over conventional cars in the Philippines as of June 2019)

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