How Industry 4.0 is impacting?

The revolution is not just with the electric vehicle but also in the manufacturing and as well process industry. The application of IoT is not just limited inside the four corners of someone’s production house but expanded outside on the road. An example is an autonomous vehicle. The role of PLC and HMI (Human-machine interfacing) display has not just expanded the reach of the programming capability but also how humans can work in a synchronized manner with the machine without going through any sort of hazardous event in the workplace. 

Industry 4.0 is a gift or a gateway to the path that can be explored not just robotics but also enhancing the technology in different dimensions. The impact is powerful as can be seen in different machine zone or space or across the manufacturing plant. The revolutionary impact has managed to organize the plant smartly. 

The usage of wireless technology and Analytics make the plant in the production, manufacturing, or in process plant area to be smarter and more robust. The major benefits of the sensor are the gathering or collecting of the data information to analyse and improve the maintenance and operations of the plants. 

In my opinion, the role of sensors is creating a field with new capabilities and if the focus is more on the innovation and research on such area, new opportunities and more customized design, fitting to the need of the customer can be developed. 

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