Can IoT be a problem in Indonesian market?

The trend of accepting and be with the latest market trend always catches our eye and something is seen as a trademark in the international market. However, do every need in the market can be satisfied with IoT? Do we see IoT as a trend in the Indonesian market?

In my opinion, the concerning factors can never be removed from anything. However, data hacking or misusing of data is something a major issue and something should have zero tolerance. As we live in a society becoming more tolerable to such issues but 100% security should always be assured as the hackers need only 1 key to unlock your complete confidential information and use it as per their choice. Among the characteristics, it can be seen that Indonesia accepts international products and the emphasis on local made technical product is not much as compare to their Asian counterpart such as China, Japan and India. The focus on accepting international products are much higher.

Source:- What are the Indonesian Concerns about the Internet of Things (IoT)? Portraying the Profile of the Prospective Market.

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