Which are the top four distributors of electricity from renewable energies?

The agenda of meeting the sustainable development goals and to maximize the use of renewable energy is not just an easy task. The three primary sources identified as the distributor of electricity generation are Hydropower, wind power and photovoltaics.

If you compare the market share for such distribution of the electricity generation, somehow over the years, the market share has been decreasing in the case of hydropower whereas the wind power and photovoltaics showed a slight increase, while the distribution rate for the Bioenergy has been constant over the years. The demand for solar panels has been led to the involvement of photovoltaic technology more, the panels are more efficient and easier to be built on the roof or can be used effectively for the roads on the top surface of the buildings or company or industry roofs.

In my opinion, installation of wind power plants are expensive but good returns over the long term, however, the constraints cannot be denied about the availability of a good amount of wind power to effectively generate the right amount of electricity and get its returns on its investment depending on the long term.

Source:- Statista (Erneuerbare Energien weltweit).

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