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Which models are being launched from each company in Autonomous vehicles?

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One of the important aspects of Autonomous vehicles is designing each model at different levels. As per IHS, the autonomous level has been identified in 5 different levels. The level has been started from level 1 with driver assistance to level 5 with Full automation or without any driver assistance.

Level 1 – Driver assistance. The driver can assist the vehicle in selected functions e.g., steering or acceleration/deceleration.

Level 2- Partial Automation. The vehicle can be disengaged from the driver’s control for small tasks but should be ready to take ownership at any given point of time and is completely responsible for safety functions.

Level 3- Conditional Automation. Under certain specified conditions, the vehicle is under full control of driving responsibilities but the driver is expected to take full control when it is needed.

Level4- High Automation. The vehicle is equipped to perform with minimum human intervention for all safety-critical functions and respond in many dynamic driving situations.

Level5- Full Automation. The vehicle is fully equipped to perform all sorts of functions without any human driver guidance or driver being present.

Autonomous car models by different companies:-

CompanyModelAutonomy levelRanges in milesLaunch year
AlphabetWaymolevel 4N/A2018
Audiaiconlevel 55002021
A9 e-Tronlevel 43112020
Q6 e-Tronlevel 43102018
Elainelevel 43112019
Baidu-BAIC GroupN/Alevel 4N/A2021
BMWiNEXTlevel 3 at launch, upgrade to
level 4 a year later
Faraday FutureFF -91level 43002018
FiskerEMotionlevel 44002019
Future Mobility
Bytonlevel 32502019
General Motors Chevrolet
Jaguar Land Rover/
Jaguar I-Pacelevel 52982020
KiaNiro EVlevel 22382018
Mercedes- BenzV-Classlevel 3N/A2021
NavyaAutonom Cablevel 4N/A2018
PorscheMission Elevel 43102020
RenaultSYMBIOZlevel 4N/AConcept
Easy Drivelevel 2N/A2019
Easy Drivelevel 4N/A2022
ToyotaConcept-ilevel 51862020
VolkswagenI.D.VIZZIONlevel 5N/A2020
I.D.Buzzlevel 53702022

A look in the future and inside the BMW Vision iNEXT. What customers can expect? Do you think BMW’s vision iNEXT is raising the bar high in the Autonomous vehicle segment?

In my opinion, the models are in a quite different range, allow the customer to experience once in their lifetime a luxurious technology. The price will be varying for each level, hence, the customers get hands-on as per their needs to choose any of the autonomous vehicles.

The companies are in stiff competition. The automotive market will be bombarded with the latest driverless vehicles in each segment from each manufacturer. However, the time will tell the market receptivity towards the acceptance of such technology.

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