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How information is used in AVs to operate?

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Well something always pops in our mind is how complicated the machines can be to design and now we are developing machines that can operate autonomously without any help of any outsiders. How interesting? The modern age with modern solutions to take care of us independently. Isn’t it amazing from a non-technical person’s point of view that how progressive our mindset and our culture are heading towards?

To have a vehicle that is driverless and driving through the information being gathered constantly via the environment such as diverse range of sophisticated cameras, sensors that are relying on ultrasound, radar or lidar, human errors, mistakes, and experiences that are stored as information for other autonomous vehicles to access it through sensor data so that the crash event can be reconstructed via engineers.

The data helps in replicating the logic for the AVs and thereby uses the machine learning language to explore the moral behavior or ethical crashing algorithms where the forced choices can be programmed with algorithms that are sophisticated for fundamental and ethical issues.

In my opinion, the challenge of ethics and fundamentals will always be there with any vehicles on the road but how far the information and data are going to be the helpful only time and more practical driving can tell. But how far are we in today’s world to achieve such scenarios with boundless possibilities with unlimited experiences and information?

Source:- Goodall NJ. Machine ethics and automated vehicles.

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