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Do you want to ride the new fully autonomous Cruise vehicle?

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The intense rivalry of the autonomous market has opened new segments and different methods of selling their car models.

One of the segments, Cruise, owned by GM is moving forward into ride-sharing. The theme is very understandable to provide solutions in the service provider sector and showcase unique features.

One of the ways opted by Cruise is providing enough space for a four-seater person, fully autonomous features with sliding doors and push-button with unique code to type-in to open and close the doors of the Cruise car.

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The ride-sharing vehicle also provides conformity about safe traveling at the night or even in bad weather such as dark mist or fog.

The vehicle is designed appropriately for the urban roads keeping in mind the obstacles or any situation that should not happen practically but nobody knows.

The unique difference from other taxi cabs is with no driving space and provide ample area for passengers to test an electric autonomous vehicle. The technology is advanced with a unique solution.

However, if any unfortunate event happened on the road, who will take the blame? As there is no driver, who is supposed to be the person to handle the formalities for any unfortunate incident.

There is no traditional steering wheel, pedals, or traditional dashboard, which is something to look forward to being accepted among the crowd.  Also, is it possible for long distances where there is a large kilometer or a huge range of distance that needs to be covered?

In my opinion, the cruise is a worth waiting vehicle that needs to be displayed on the road for passenger utilization and definitely with ample space for passengers to travels with their luggage.

So, the future looks bright but compare to Waymo, the areas with ample space and different designs of the vehicle with sliding doors are nailing the competition.

The approach to redesign the look of the traditional ride-sharing vehicle is worth noticing. The exploration and new innovative ideas for sliding doors are amazing and are worthy of their time.

Even though it is launched later in the market as compare to Waymo, it is reshaping and relaunching the traditional look or views of the ride-sharing vehicle.

The only challenge is how will it be accepted by the drivers whose skills have been completely demolished by the new design and the concept of reshaping the ride-share vehicles.

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