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What’s new with Zoox?

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The slogan used for the Autonomous car with an electric built-in drive is meant for riders and not for drivers. The vehicle in its first of its product from an Autonomous vehicle project is a 4-seater vehicle with ample space for the riders.

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The vehicle is in its testing stage. It’s a third-generation EV autonomous vehicle on the road. So, the design is symmetrical. Zoox mainly targeting the pickup from the parking garage or hotel pickups.

Zoox is using sensors, maps, and advanced software to enhance perception, prediction, planning & controls. Zoox is using the camera, LiDAR, and RADAR which are situated in all four corners of the vehicle. Cameras are used for detecting the traffic light situation as it depends on the color.

RADAR uses radio waves to detect the speed of the vehicle or the distance among the vehicles, LiDAR fires millions of signals which can detect the objects, thereby creating a 3D model of the surroundings. The combination provides a 360-degree overlap view, helping to locate objects in the rain, night, and also when it’s cloudy or foggy.

In my opinion, the target of the product is for a limited range but provides a solution to move around independently in and around a limited location or cover a shorter distance.

The product provides safety and the combination provides enough amount of safety circulating the vehicle in heavy busy roads or high traffic zone.

In India, it can be used to cover the shorter distance in the localities or the societies rather than depending on rickshaws or 3-wheelers. Availing a service at your doorstep is beneficial and helpful for the customers also.

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