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Which EVs scored their mark in Q3 2022?

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As per the quarterly report published by Cox Automotive in US Auto Sales, the following data has been observed for various EV models,

EV modelsQ3 salesYear to dateMarket share
Tesla Model Y60,271191,45133.2%
Tesla Model 355,030156,35727.1%
ChevyBolt EV/EUV14,70922,0123.8%
FordMustang Mach-E10,41428,0894.9%
Tesla Model S9,17123,4644.1%
Volkswagen ID.46,65719,5423.4%
Tesla Model X6,55219,5423.4%
Ford F-150 Lightning6,4648,7601.5%
Rivian R1T5,99111,5812%
Kia EV64,99617,5643%
Hyundai IONIQ 54,80018,4923.2%
Polestar 22,8526,5481.1%
Audi e-tron2,79910,8281.9%
Mercedes EQS11,9786,0281%
Ford E-Transit1,3794,3870.8%
Porsche Taycan1,3255,7741%
Nissan Leaf127610,0741.5%
Mini Cooper10992,6150.5%

Tesla is definetly ruling the US market.

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