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Will Lucid Motors be the next powerful house of electric drives?

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As the market of an electric vehicle is growing and expanding its horizon so does the Startups and in the race are Lucid Motors who are trying to dominate the field with a new efficient and compact powerful electric drives unit in the market with an entirely built-in drive unit in the house. It is called the most powerful drive unit to be launched with the Air sports sedan.

The unit is designed with 1080 hp by two engines and four-wheel drive Air which got the ability to cover 400 meters in 9.9 seconds making it the first electric sedan to date covering the distance in less than ten seconds. According to the U.S. EPA standard, Air announced its ability to cover an estimated range of 832 Km with 113 KWh battery and challenging the industry leader Tesla.

So, do you think Tesla can come back with an answer to such technology or will it find trouble with the acceptance from its customer? The story of the faraday future is quite popular being bankrupted and not able to survive the cut-throat competition. 

As per technical director Peter Rawlinson, prior worked as a chief engineer for Tesla, the focus is more on improving efficiency, performance maximization to create a world-class electric vehicle. A compact and highly efficient permanent magnet electric motor has been developed by Lucid Motors for the drive train.

A 900-volt electric drive unit with 74 kilograms weighing is created with a combination of motors with an inverter and an integrated transmission where each drive unit delivers 650 hp. One of the revolutionary benefits is charging the vehicle within 20 minutes for up to 482 kilometers supporting bidirectional charging between the vehicle and the power supply system as well as from vehicle to vehicle. The main fund used for entering the electric car market is from Saudi Arabian State fund PIF.

With new advanced technology do you think it is possible to replace Tesla, the founder of the electric car market? Will Elon Musk cherish able and highly ambitious project become a topic of past and do Elon Musk need to be intimidated by such cut-throat competition or should be humble that what he started and known as a pioneer is being seen as a benchmark and being challenged by the reputable and well-established partners?

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