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What are the disadvantages of a plug-in hybrid car?

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  • Price

Hybrid cars are quite expensive to buy. The purchase price is higher than pays off only in direct comparison with power vehicles which are convenient when they got a high mileage.

  • Reach

The electric cars range depends on various denominations like: –

  • The most important ones being battery capacity in KWh.
  • Vehicle weight.
  • Vehicle design which can be a plug-in hybrid, hybrid or fully electric vehicle and
  • Driving behavior which is general (acceleration and speeds are driven).

For example, the Model S electric car sedan from Tesla offers 500 kilometers in range on a full battery charge whereas BMW i3, Nissan LEAF, Renault ZOE, or VW e-Golf only manages 300 kilometers.

So, depending on an individual, which ranges to be bought or available for buying a car? But the fact is also stated that 80 percent of German citizens do not cover more than 40 kilometers per day by car.

  • Charging plugs, charging time and charging stations

A uniform global standard for electric car charging plugs has not been provided as a solution but is still in the process of emerging. For the moment, various sets of different plugs are used for charging electric cars. “Schucko plug” is normally used for household sockets where it can be charged at home or at many charging stations.

Charging time is also a major factor where it takes four to ten hours for current models.

Quicker recharging is possible where 80 percent of it is covered under an hour and is possible by quick charging. The “Mennekes plug” which is known as type 2, is established well in Germany.

“ChAdeMO plug” is used in the USA & Japan for the fast charging of cars made in Japan. CCS which is known as the combined charging system is an extension of Type 2 connector, known as the Combo connector preferred especially by European manufacturers.

  • Charging at home

An electric car at home can easily be plugged into a normal household socket but a professional check is recommended. Most electric cars are charged for several hours at a 16 Ampere earthed socket where an old cable cannot cope with an increased load.

The wall box is ideally installed in a garage or carport at home which shortens the charging times many times. Proper cooperation is possible by many manufacturers with suppliers from various charging technologies that offer electric cars to buy a vehicle and charging infrastructure from a single source.

But US car manufacturer Tesla provides customers with a network of its own with fast charging stations that can be expanded constantly. “Superchargers” are the charging points, located all over Europe along motorways. The batteries can be charged for 500 Kilometres and Tesla in 40 minutes to about 80%.

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