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Why IoT is important in China?

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As we know the growth rate of China is increasing exponentially with huge investment in the latest technologies and new development pertaining to any industry or any sector.

The role of IoT systems is important in China as the application provides convenience in the consumer’s life by improving the living quality and hence the workload is reduced.

The moment “Internet of Things” was introduced in the China market, the investment has been downloaded however, the application is limited to small scale zone in the consumption area.

Whereas in developed countries the IoT applications or the systems are applied in public services, transportations, personal users, retailing, manufactures, business/service, agriculture, construction, and finance as well.

The importance of IoT applications is also used mainly in location/navigation, security/monitoring, payment via mobile, detecting measurement, automation/remote management, and remote medical.

The usage of IoT systems for personal purposes is slow as especially in the consumer market. China is an important market in case of local product, the companies with IoT systems who are able to navigate the market with fulfilling the gap in need and understand the market is definitely going to score the market.

The importance of the development of IoT has been emphasized by Government ministries and industrial companies.

In China, the emphasis by the ministry of commerce and the ministry of industry led to cooperation and interaction to promote the IoT industry development.

The four clusters in the IoT industry are the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Bohai Sea Ring Area, and Midwest. The study indicates that the IoT market has the potentiality to reach 600 billion to up to 1 trillion in value.

The sectors identified in China where it can be useful are transportation, logistics, medical care, intelligent environments such as home, office, and public place, tracking of personal stolen property, and managing the social relationship.

In China, applications that are integrated based on mobile intelligence terminals are emerging leading the market scale of the IoT industry in transportation, logistics, and medical care.

Smart home services are something catching everybody’s eye where the control of the household application is within your reach due to the formation of inter-coordination and inter-control systems.

The market is growing with new themes and the especially autonomous vehicle is proving that without such advanced technology, the driverless vehicle is worthless. The future only can yield a positive result and how far China will be heading in this journey of IoT application.

Source:- Internet of Things (IoT) in China.

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