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How BMW group is heading towards sustainability?

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One of the well-known key players in the automobile industry from Germany is also transiting towards electric vehicle drives. Well, they are not just stopping being an electric vehicle company but also expanding your limits in sustainability with various steps.

BMW Group plant at Dingolfing, the plant for the New i7 or the iX is also setting an example towards natural resource conservation and relying on a clean source of energy.

Sustainability has become the new premium quality tag and it will be in the future, as speculated by the BMW group. So the focus areas are not just employment through production plant but also adding new diversified sustainable use of methods to add quality to the neighborhood.

The three major areas BMW is focused on are:-


  1. 50% of the water demand is covered by wells available on the company premises. The near-surface groundwater solves the drinking water needs.
  2.  As well as the wastewater is treated in the process plant for the paint shop and recycling it back into the cycle.
  3. Groundwater is used for cooling or seasonal interim storage for heat energy in an aquifer.

Energy-efficient facilities

  1. Energy-saving through state-of-the-art production technologies and processes.
  2. High-efficiency high-speed servo press generation at press shop.
  3. New robot generation at the body shop.
  4. Integrated Paint Process at the paint shop eliminating the filler layer need.


  1. The onsite concept and the just-in-time/ just-in-sequence production for pressed parts minimizes the interim storage facilities need or additional transport.
  2. A railway transport system is used for the cars to be dispatched.
  3. An eco-friendly bus commuter system saves 7,000 tons of CO2 annually.

The steps are categorized into three important aspects that the world is fighting to mitigate the shortages. The measures solve the water and energy consumption per vehicle.

Water scarcity is a major problem cited across the world as well as the need for efficient methods to handle the needed energies in the power plant. The two basic requirements for any plant to achieve its targets.

Once small steps are taken toward the important needs of the plant, the solutions come forward easily step by step.

Another issue identified is the handling of CO2 emissions in the traffic. The goal to switch to an electric vehicle or other hydrogen-based vehicle is the path to have control over the toxic emissions released into the environment. The sharing of daily transportation helps to save the CO2 emission as well as the employees can bond on the way to their homes.

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