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What action vehicle manufacturers are taking to counteract CO2 reduction?

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It is not just the responsibility of the government or policymakers, but also the automobile industry or vehicle manufacturers. Since the rising percentage of CO2 emission has been identified more from the vehicles. With a rising population and rising economy, vehicles are compulsory for daily needs to meet.

The important steps taken by the vehicle manufacturers are: –

  • R&D (Research and Development) leaders

As per European Union’s 2006 R&D Investment Scoreboard, 12 auto companies from the top 50 companies have been identified as the leaders in the investments for R&D purposes. Around 85 billion € per year is spent by the vehicle manufacturing industry on R&D projects like safe, clean, and more fuel-efficient automobiles dedicated to improving the environment.

  • CO2 efficient vehicles with less fuel in use are in the sale

Using and increasing the share of clean diesel cars improves the fleet’s fuel efficiency. Refining and improving conventional petroleum-burning engines require billions of euros to improve the electronic control of fuel injection, airflow, and valve timing.

European Union, can be seen as a perfect model with million of vehicles emitting CO2 lesser than 120 grams per kilometer. Every year, the ambitious project targets to sell the vehicle to drive CO2 even further down.

  • Use of alternative new fuels and technologies

      Use of multiple ways or resources to counteract the CO2 problem. The new vehicles are launched with alternative fuels like biodiesel, ethanol, hydrogen, and natural gas. Even electric or hybrid vehicle technology in the marketplace is a future winner.

In my opinion, fuels are an important way or resource that can tackle the CO2 problem by more than 95%. The use of electric or hybrid vehicles targets the issues with CO2 discharged into the atmosphere. Hydrogen fuel vehicles are the future. The alternate fuels are gifts to our future generation and operate in futuristic ways.

Source:- OICA (International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers)

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