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What role does camera technology play in a robot vision application?

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A firmly defined path or predefined path is followed by Robots at first and foremost with blind recipients of commands. Before becoming an autonomous employee, an understanding of their adaptive environment is required to display where they can react to every situation. In different conditions, the reactions are independent where 3D camera technology can support the Robots to analyze their pre-configured environment.

It depends on the application and size of the parts to be gripped where several 3D cameras are used to provide a sufficiently large field of view or an all-around detection of objects. The static environmental cameras are enabled by the adaptive robot controller Mikado ARC but also the 3D camera’s mobile operation which is directly mounted on the robot arm.

A more detailed inspection of objects and surroundings is allowed from multiple angles which increased the robot’s work quality. The problem is with 3D cameras to identify objects in the borderline areas with 2D cameras as support edge detection, color recognition, or measuring the tasks.

Moreover, 2D cameras are able to capture additional information such as the content of the barcode. The technology combination helps in improving the analysis of all necessary object properties which is important for early error detection.

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