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Which digital voice appliance is in demand?

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A survey conducted by Statista in Germany, shows Alexa to be in demand regarding the satisfaction of the customers. The result shows how Germans would like to use the new technological appliance in their day-to-day life but also rate the usage with their opinion in the satisfactory area. Siri comes next to Alexa.

Responses to digital voice speakers
Source:- Statista

In my opinion, Jeff Bezos is marking its niche with the products being launched and seen as holding the top position. Since he is not limited to just an online platform but also his digital platform making a huge profit, an effective and demanding buzz among the consumer is created.

The use of digital voice appliances makes life easy in a more unique way. Even though, interactive appliances have been shown addictive to cure loneliness. However, the unique approach has its own beauty.

Capturing the e-commerce market with huge revenue is not afraid of entering into a new market with different technical tools. Alexa no doubt, didn’t fail Jeff Bezos in capturing the digital voice appliance market.

Source:- Statista

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