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What energy resources are available in an Automobile Industry?

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As we can see, a pattern is rising in the development of mobility due to the fast-forwarding civilization. The mobility means such as dynamic technology created a wave of positive pressure, technological pressure, economic structures, and international policies as a whole.

During 2002-2015, there has been an increase in automobile production. According to the VDA-Association of the German Automobile Industry, around 57 to 76 million automobiles are produced during this period which led to an increase in value from 645 to 903 billion Euros. The share price depends on from 35% to 23% in favor of suppliers, module, and system suppliers.

It is estimated, that there has been a growth of 56% in Europe, 17% estimated in the USA, Japan is predicted to be 11%.

Let us explore the energy resources being used:-

Crude oil- Depending on the current consumption of Oil, it is estimated that around 80 years it can run successfully but as per the oil companies, it is forecast to be 30 years.

Natural gas- The forecasting time period is 60 years, as it also belongs to a limited extent similar to fossil fuels.  There has been an increase in the number of vehicles that are running on natural gas but due to the limited availability of energy sources, it remains a problem that is unavoidable.

Coal reserve- As per the current level of consumption, coal is estimated to run for about 500 years. The conversion of coal into water gas from which Hydrogen is obtained or further catalytic conversions such as Petrol, Diesel fuel, or other low-cost by-products are also an advantage but price and emission of carbon dioxide remain a major cause for disadvantage.

Biomass plants- This resource shows a practical advantage of having them as a storage device and converter of absorbed solar energy in an unlimited range. The use can be done without any significant technical conversion in gasoline engines. The annual biomass which is available is equivalent to 22 times higher than the current annual oil production.

Geothermal heat- Has a capacity of 11.4 MWh/year, which provides a cultivation opportunity in around 90 countries in comparison to the energy potential of the oil.

Solar energy- 175,000billion KW capacity is possible in the earth through solar radiation.  In an ideal scenario, electric or hydrogen energy which is used in the deserts of the world is about 12% of the desert areas with an efficiency capacity of 3% in generating energy to cover the entire current energy demand.

Hydrogen, wind power, and nuclear energy- Electric energy which is produced by the mentioned resources are at a relatively low participation level.  It remains a controversial topic in the mobility sector and whether it is useful.

Source:- Alternative Antriebe für Automobile by Cornel Stan

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