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What is the Sustainability scenario in Denmark?

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The main society of Denmark was based on agriculture and fishing and hence respect for its land and water. Sustainability for Danish people means renewable energy, water management, waste recycling, and green transportation including the bicycling culture.

Denmark is known for its world-class green energy system to deliver a cleaner and greener life every day. Some of the world-renowned market leaders in green energy are from Denmark such as Rockwool (insulation), Velux (windows), Danfoss (heating applications), and Grundfos (careful use of water).

As per the geographical location, Danes are focusing on shipping green. One major target by one of the major shipping companies, Maersk Group is to address the CO2 impact of the shipping industries.

Another major support is with the Sustainable Samso known for its delicious potatoes. The goal is to replace the oil-burning heaters and insulate the homes to combat the harsh winter weather.

What about the people of Danish people? What Sustainability means for them? (2019 to 2020)

Denmark-Meaning of Sustainability

Do Danish people are interested in Sustainability? (2019 to 2020)


Is there any resistance towards Sustainability among the Danish people? What are the reasons? (2019 to 2020)

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In my opinion, the survey provides a clear picture of the importance of Sustainability in Denmark. The reasons for a hesitant approach should be taken seriously. Some of them don’t have a clear idea where actually it is heading? Will it become expensive? Non-transparent is a major issue that may create a lack of trust.

However, time will tell how the points will be taken care into consideration, and addressing the issues may create a model for other countries to follow the same path to create awareness about the importance of such a Sustainability concept.

Source:- Statista.

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