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What factors led to tremendous growth in the Artificial Intelligent sector?

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The robotics or the AI field is growing massively in most sectors. One of the pros of Artificial intelligence and robotics is the acceptance of such technic in every field. From massive production scale to small service field, the technology found its place.

The growth of robotics and AI can be attributed to four major factors:-

  1. The mobility of the robot is improvised.
  2. The advancement of deep learning machines with a greater amount of images in a variety of ranges helps in providing the right algorithm for future prediction or forecasting.
  3. Cloud computing technology allows robots to be programmed remotely rather than physically working on the robot.
  4. Due to economies of scale and competitive market pricing, the robot manufacturing price is way lowered, or should we say it dropped in a significant way.

The following factors also lead to the development and the growth of artificial neural networks. Due to the AI’s capacity to store the data, it provides the opportunity for the robot to think and act. One of the important methods used by Geoffrey Hinton in 1986 was Backpropagation.

The method used to mimic the human brain. It was seen as a marvelous path for AI to progress in the respective field. But, it was criticised by Hinton itself to abandon the method as it is absurd.

However, in the recent chess board games, robots can be seen winning over humans. It shows the ability to store and discriminate data on past successful moves.

With the rising need for industrial robots in the manufacturing sector, it was seen in China during 2009 and 2016 that the need for robots replacing human workers was more than 10 times more than expected.

Even though, the early development of Robots and AI shows a huge number of technical limitations. But how far are we? The demand for AI is increasing, which shows positively that the growth in deep learning machines, cloud computing, or even robot production technology is endless.

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