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How AI application works with its own memory?

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The field of imagination is unlimited, and so we can see with AI applications. The features related to AI are not just a module combination of large amounts of data in advanced analytics but also analyzing and comparing the historical data with current data and making a prediction about it with machine learning technology.

So, in that way, we can say the AI application is with its own memory for self-learning where information related to the past can help the process for recognizing complex relationships regarding machines. A large amount of data can be used for forecasting any event depending on the current data which was available in the machine. The painting plants can be seen with many applications including at the component, process, and plant level.

In my opinion, as we get into the depth of the AI and try to capture insight about the process and how it functions, the storing capacity of historical data can help us reorganize our work, schedule, or re-modify any production plant in a healthy manner to work beneficially. The maintenance of the machine can be used productively where memories are a crucial part to operate with any such machine.

Source:- industry-of-things

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