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What is the impact of service robots?

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The service robotics market is divided into commercial and personal robotics, with commercial robots used to perform services in industrial environments and personal robots used in private households.

The increasing demand for automation and robotics in industries such as logistics, healthcare, and agriculture is driving the growth of the service robotics market.

Logistics is the largest part of the service robotics market, with automated guided vehicles in modern warehouses enabling the faster and more streamlined organization of goods.

Medical and rehabilitation robots are also in demand due to the aging population and the increasing need for care.

The total service robotics market is expected to grow by more than 120 percent from 2017 to 2021, with the Americas dominating the commercial service robotics market and Asia Pacific dominating the household robots market.

The largest application areas for commercial service robotics are logistics and medical, followed by agriculture and defense robots.

The market for personal service robots is mostly represented by convenience robots, such as vacuuming robots, which are set to support people in their everyday lives.

In conclusion, the service robotics market is expected to continue to grow in the coming years as industries adopt more automation and robotics to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

The professional service robots used in the industrial application areas are:-

  1. Logistics system
  2. Medical Robots
  3. Agriculture robots
  4. Defense applications
  5. Public relations robots
  6. Powered human exoskeletons

Personal service robots used in non-industrial applications are: –

  1. Robots for domestic tasks/convenience robots such as vacuuming, floor cleaning, lawn-mowing, home security, and poor cleaning.
  2. Entertainment and leisure robots such as Toy/hobby robots, multimedia/remote presence, etc.

Source: Statista

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